Field Report: Nick Dunnebacke from Hollywheels Movie Car Club

1. What is your favorite Chopping cover and why?

goldfinger bond kindle caseMy case for my kindle cleverly resembles Richard Chopping’s “Thunderball” cover thanks to a piece I read here: Luxury Kindle Covers featuring Richard Chopping’s original artwork I actually bought a kindle as a result of realizing that I could wrap it in a Chopping cover and carry it everywhere for anything that I wanted to read.

So when it came time to decide which one would adorn the cover, I chose “Thunderball“. Although l appreciate the other Chopping covers for their sliver of beauty and hope alongside death, “Thunderball” just seems to embody “danger” with its folding knife, skeleton hand, and cards.

Thunderball Dust Jacket2. Do you own any 1st editions?

I am working on completing my set of the First Edition Library Fleming books. While they are not true first editions, they are authorized reprints of the originals. I decided to collect those due to their affordability, availability, and that many remain in fine condition. I was picky about finding the first edition of “Battle for Bond” by Robert Sellers due to the second printing not including copies of correspondence from Fleming. Normally though, I am not insistent on having first editions, but rather collect books based on covers and content.

first edition of "Battle for Bond" by Robert Sellers3. What is on your literary 007 wishlist?

I have my eye on “The James Bond Archives” by Paul Duncan, but will probably wait till I can find one of the Golden Editions in a reasonable price range. I am pretty fortunate to already have the Bentley Limited Edition Versions of “Casino Royale, “Carte Blanche” (both white and red versions), and “Devil May Care“.

the james bond archives gold edition4. When did you read your first Bond novel and which is your favorite?

I picked up a set of Richie Fahey covers in 2006 and started reading “Casino Royale”. I figured, what better time to be introduced to the book series and get amped up for the release of the 2006 film. I still love that original entry in the Bond series and find it to be a very pure expression of how Bond originated, and who he is supposed to be.

Richie Fahey series

The Richie Fahey series

5. Do you have any favorite Bond dust jackets in paperback or by continuation authors?

From my own collection, the Michael Gillette covers of the Fleming books are fantastic, and are a favorite of mine. They are a lighter more care-free style, but represent the era of Bond well.

James Bond Prints by Michael Gillette 007

James Bond Prints by Michael Gillette 007

The first five John Gardner novels starting with Chopping’s artwork that were done in a Trompe l’oeil style harken back to Bond’s gritty nature and fit in with the originals well artistically.

Covers in order: Richard Chopping, Bill Botten and Trevor Scobie

Covers in order: Richard Chopping, Bill Botten and Trevor Scobie

Penguin Modern Classics cover for "The Blofeld Trilogy"Dan Mogford‘s covers for Gardner’s complete series of continuation novels are minimalistic, having both a modern and uniform touch. The Chris Garver cover of “From Russia with Love” blends tattoo art form and the look of Bond nicely.

I am also a fan of the Penguin Modern Classics cover for “The Blofeld Trilogy” and find the unseen villain sitting in an armchair smoking to be very foreboding and suspenseful. The Penguin Publishing hardback version of “Quantum of Solace” is very unique as well with its file folder style slip cover.

All these covers are very interesting to me, and pull me into the story that follows within their pages.

Incidental Intelligence

Nick Dunnebacke is an Administrator for Hollywheels Movie Car Club

Hollywheels Movie Car Club

4 thoughts on “Field Report: Nick Dunnebacke from Hollywheels Movie Car Club

  1. I’m pleased you like the Luxury Kindle Cover from ‘Klevercase’. I had them bespoke me one with Chopping’s FRWL in their gilt edge range. It’s absolutely fabulous and I’ve never had more favourable compliments about an accessory. Unfortunately however, I think they’ve discontinued them which is a damn shame because correctly marketed, they’d have been a huge success.
    Loved your field report and it reminded me how good the artwork for Gardner’s ‘Role Of Honour’ is. Frankly, I think it’s up there with Chopping.

    • David,
      Thank you for taking an interest in my posting. I was a little too late on the Klevercase offering I found out as they informed me that they stopped doing them. This wasn’t a problem for me however since I simply commissioned another artist through the same marketplace to do what Klevercase had done previously. Like you I appreciate the homages to Chopping’s art form especially “Nobody Lives Forever”. Again, thanks for reading.

      • Yes, Trevor Scobie’s work / homage to Chopping are great. It’s a shame either Botten or Scobie were not commissioned for all the Gardner novels.

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