Gerald Wadsworth James Bond Art

From the wonderful paintbrush of Gerald Wadsworth comes his many artistic tributes to the James Bond novels.

To purchase prints – email Gerry at – to purchase the print through Paypal. Print and painting prices are indicated in the description of each individual work on his own website:

Moonraker: "Disinformation Served…Coffee and a Cover-up" [Painting by Gerry Wadsworth] which we find Bond back in London after a hair-raising escape from ex-Nazi Hugo Drax. Bond, with the help of agent Gala Brand, recalibrates the guidance system of the rocket, Moonraker (and its nuclear payload) back to its original coordinates and away from London. The two agents successfully foil Draxs’ plans for the destruction of the City. Draxs’ attempt to escape in a Russian submarine proves disastrous for him, his 50 ex-Nazi Werewolf assistants, and the Russian crew. The rocket crash lands at the recovery site and blows up the sub as it passes under the target zone. Whitehall then goes into full damage control and spins the death of "National Hero" and "Great Patriot" Hugo Drax as a tragic loss to the nation. The PM convinces the Press to publish Whitehall's version of the truth and they comply. M tells Bond that the government is "going to try the biggest cover-up in history." Back at his Chelsea flat, Bond enjoys his favorite meal of the day - breakfast - and reads the government's disinformation campaign on the Moonraker disaster in the only paper he ever reads...The Times.

Moonraker: “Disinformation Served…Coffee and a Cover-up” by Gerry Wadsworth

Gerry studied watercolour with the late Shelly Bechtel-Sheppard, who taught classes at the Visual Arts Center in Richmond. Since 2010, Gerry has been painting a series of watercolour paintings that visually interpret the books of Ian Fleming, as well as the James Bond films.

In 2017, Gerry received a commission for a James Bond painting from the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC, and his painting now hangs in their new building at L’Enfant Plaza.

Gerry lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.

Gerry Wadsworth and 'His Deadly Career'

Gerry Wadsworth and ‘His Deadly Career’