An ever-growing list of the best articles around the web on literary 007.

Logo-bigArticles written for Ian Fleming Publications

The Muses of Ian Fleming

Trigger’s Lucky Berlin Escape: 50 Years of The Living Daylights

For the Love of Diamonds: Diamonds are Forever 60th Anniversary

The Welcome Return of Colonel Sun

Shooting for the Moon: Ian Fleming’s Moonraker

A Writer in Training: Ian Fleming the Journalist

The Gold Standard: Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger

Ian Fleming’s Golden Farewell: The Man with the Golden Gun

Richard Chopping

How NOT to Motivate Creative Talent: Ian Fleming & James Bond Cover Art

Chopping Illustrating 'The Spy Who Loved Me'

Chopping Illustrating ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’

OG and Bond Illustrator

Richard Chopping Wikipedia Page

The art of Bondage: The great book covers of Richard Chopping

The Man with the Golden Grudge: How the illustrator of Ian Fleming’s novels felt conned out of vast royalties

Obituary: Richard Chopping | The Guardian

Richard Chopping: Versatile illustrator best known for his distinctive Bond book jackets | The Independent

Mi6 Obituary

Bond Dust Jackets

Trying My Hand At Vintage 1st Edition Bond Book Cover Art – The Teeritz Agenda


Bond fan…James Bond fan

007 Stamps – First Edition Covers

CMYK: Vintage 007 Dust Jackets

Collecting James Bond First Editions

How To Identify an Ian Fleming First Edition

Bond Bound: Ian Fleming and the Art of Cover Design

An Interview with Bill Botten

The Richie Fahey Interview

Collecting James Bond First Editions

View to a killing: why do collectors pay so much for James Bond first editions?

Ian Fleming

5 shifting place identities captured in Ian Fleming’s ‘Thrilling Cities

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 5.00.31 PM

Remembering Fleming, Ian Fleming

The Guns of James Bond by Ian Fleming

When Ian Fleming tried to escape James Bond

Bond’s Creator: The New Yorker

Ian Fleming, James Bond and Winchester

Ian Fleming: From Jamaica with love

Ranking Ian Fleming’s James Bond Novels

The Real Story Behind ‘Quantum of Solace by Andrew Lycett

Writing Habits of Ian Fleming

Book Collector’s Tidbits: Ian Fleming and James Bond

License to Last: One Hundred Years of Fleming

Operation Goldeneye by Danny Wallace

Ian Fleming’s Commandos by Nicholas Rankin – review by William Boyd

The Man Behind 007

James Bond


Was James Bond Based on a Real Person?

James Bond in South Africa’ by Jeremy Duns

The Real James Bond [Video]

The Inner Life Of James Bond (The Atlantic)

Interview with James Bond by William Boyd (The Guardian)

James Bond Q & A (The Guardian)

The Living Daylights: Bond in the Waste Land

Narrative Rapidity in “Quantum of Solace”

Bond in Torment by John Lanchester

James Bond, author by Matthew Woodcock (The Spectator)

James Bond’s World War I Origins by Benjamin Welton The Atlantic)

Licence to Distill: Haig Whisky & James Bond (

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