Goldfinger Dust Jacket

The striking image of a skull holding a rose in its teeth on the cover of Goldfinger was Chopping’s favourite. Ironically, it was also the first Bond book he read, and he was noted as saying he felt there was enough violence in the world already without characters such as Bond glamorising it.


Original artist's final proof for Ian Fleming's "Goldfinger"

Original artist’s final proof for Ian Fleming’s “Goldfinger”

From Goldfinger on, Chopping’s distinctive covers—united by artistically rendered wooden backgrounds–dealt the Bond novels a consistent, distinctive look that Fleming appreciated for their beauty, sense of danger and commercial appeal.

Chopping thought Goldfinger, with a cover showing a skull clutching a rose and gold coins filling its eye sockets, his finest work in the series.

Mr Chopping said the popularity of the distinctive book covers made it difficult for him to sell his work elsewhere as his style became associated with the million-selling books.


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