‘The Ian Fleming Bibliography’ by Jon Gilbert

The Bibliography covers every aspect of Fleming’s writing, from the manuscript stage, through typescripts, uncorrected proofs, advance and review copies, first and subsequent impressions, paperback printings, omnibus and collected editions, as well as periodical appearances, comic strip adaptations, young reader and large print editions published in Britain and America.

Jon Gilbert:

A clear picture has emerged of Fleming’s creative process, his writing practices and the general book production routine, which I hope will be conveyed to the reader. The bibliography is crammed full of facts, figures, dates and details, including much previously unpublished information; I’m sure it will please even the most fanatical of James Bond enthusiasts.

The ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography, given every fourth year to the most outstanding scholarly book about books and worth $10.000, is one of the most prestigious prizes in the field of bibliography and was recently awarded the 16th prize to Jon!

The jury described the book as:

Jon Gilbert

Jon Gilbert

“An outstanding work of meticulous scholarship, covering every aspect of Fleming’s writings, manuscripts, proofs, corrected or uncorrected, first and all later impressions, paperback editions and all subsequent printings and editions. It gives insight into the conception of a book, the editorial process, in short, Jon Gilbert’s work covers all that possibly is to know, all one can possibly know, about Fleming and his writings. And it not only shows that modern authors are collectible, but also that modern authors merit exhaustive bibliographical scholarship.

The Bibliography is, in itself, an encouragement to collect and outstanding proof that bibliographical scholarship is not limited to pre-1900 books and authors. Jon Gilbert’s book has set a standard that will not easily be equalled and is, in every aspect, a most deserved winner of the 16th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography.”



Queen Anne Press’s first publication in its revived form was the complete works of Ian Fleming, 18 volumes in all including the 14 famous James Bond titles.

Mike VanBlaricum, founder of the Ian Fleming Foundation:

While most bibliographies are compilations of an author’s works, editions, and statistics along with details on edition states, issues, and points, this book is much more. Jon has, of course, provided all of the requisite technical detail. But, in addition, he presents a story of how these literary works came to be written.  He starts his discussion of each of Fleming’s books with a Background and Research section. He discusses Fleming’s approach to writing, how he got his ideas, where some of the iconic names came from and much more. Jon’s thorough research and investigations are readily apparent in all parts of this bibliography.

Finally, this book is a comprehensive tool that can be used as a check list for collectors and a reference book for book sellers, researchers, and Fleming scholars.  It is also an overall pleasant read for those interested in how this literary phenomenon, which changed popular culture in the latter half of the twentieth century, came to be.

Kate Grimond (Ian Fleming’s niece):

We are delighted now to publish Ian Fleming: The Bibliography, a magisterial work which includes more than 1,000 illustrations and is a must for any Bond aficionado.

ian-fleming-bibliography-jon-gilbert-book inside sample page


Fergus Fleming (Ian Fleming’s nephew)

The result of four years’ intensive research, Jon’s book is a welcome reminder of just how important Ian Fleming’s works are and how deeply they have influenced so many people.

Available Formats:

Standard Copy: bound in cloth with gold blocking (Price: £175)

Deluxe: quarter-bound in vellum effect on black boards & gold blocking – inspired by Fleming’s own design for a limited edition of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. (Limited to 250 numbered copies/ Price: £250)

It is available from Queen Anne Press and Adrian Harrington Ltd.

Incidental Intelligence

Learn more about the Bibliography here. Preface by Fergus Fleming. Foreword by Michael L. Vanblaricum. Edited by Brad Frank. London, Queen Anne Press, 2012.

Read Jon Gilbert’s Field Report here.

Review of The Ian Fleming Bibliography by Andrew Lycett

Visit Jon’s James Bond First Editions website

Read an Interview with Jon on Mi6 by David Leigh

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