SAMLA Conference: From Russia With Love at 60

This year’s SAMLA Conference takes place between November 3-5 at the Westin Peachtree Plaza, Atlanta, Georgia and this year, the topic is ‘From Russia with Love At 60: Serious Spy novel or popular escapism?‘. Once again Oliver Buckton chairs the event, which proves to be a classic.

Friday November 3 10:00AM-11:30AM

From Russia With Love Cover

Elyn Achtymichuk, University of Saskatchewan
What is Red Grant Reading? Connecting “Low Culture” and Villainy in Ian Fleming’s From Russia With Love

Mark David Kaufman, Alvernia University
Death by Tolstoy: Ian Fleming, From Russia with Love, and the Cultural Cold War

Andy Wright, Independent Scholar
From Russia with Love as a Faithful Line of Escapism

Matt Sherman, Independent Scholar
Rather High Low Art: From Russia, with Love

Friday November 3 2:45PM-4:15PM

Jennifer Martinsen, Newberry College
Will the Real Rosa Klebb and Tatiana Romanova Please Stand Up?

Grant Hester, Florida Atlantic University
A Complicated Bond: Examining Bond’s Psyche as More Than a Misogynist in Ian Fleming’s From Russia With Love

Oliver Buckton, Florida Atlantic University
“You’re just a stuffed dummy”: Grant, Fleming, and the “death” of James Bond in From Russia with Love

Yevgenya Strakovsky, Georgia Institute of Technology
Behind Enemy Lines: The Conscience of Russian Spies in From Russia with Love and The Americans

Incidental Intelligence

From Russia With Love at 60: Serious Spy Novel or Popular Escapism?

James Bond vs. the USSR

SMERSH Konspiratsia…Beauty and the Beast: From Russia, With Love

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