Win signed copies of Nicholas Anderson’s ‘NOC Trilogy’

We’re giving you the highly rare opportunity to win all 3 signed copies of Nicholas Anderson’s explosive NOC trilogy about his time working for SIS, more commonly known as MI6.


One can’t fail to be swept up in the narrative, which Mr. Anderson writes with effortless energy, fine prose and a sprinkling of philosophy which was ingrained in him during in part, his upbringing in China. This in particular, adds a spiritual context to a usually very macho book genre. This book calls out the deadly hypocrisy of world affairs in the intelligence community and the tragic human cost of governmental policy.

As he explains:

We were institutional killers in disruptive actions on the black, that is to say we made illegal entries across borders to perform dirty work then returned home mostly without the knowledge or connection to the local British embassy’s staff assigned to other covert affairs. The main job description was called deep cover within SIS, though the U.S.-led NATO preferred NOC or non-official cover – either description was undeclared. I served in various divisions in charge of different continents, often living like a mole…

Nicholas Anderson

I wasn’t a regular worker but a returning non-official cover officer from overseas who was recalled home every now and then for briefings. Most people here had no clue of what I really did, though I noted a certain distant reverence in their cleanly shaved facial responses to me and my unkempt stubble tonight. My six-numbered security card that carried no visual link to SIS, whenever it was inserted in the box, followed by my four-digit PIN code (that made the green light flash) told them something nice about me on their monitors…or it may have read ‘don’t f*** with him’ in easy-to-understand legalese…

Particular highlights include his association with Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (Carlos the Jackal) and his campaigns in Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles. He also sheds light on the origins of the HIV virus, the dirty politics of the Big Pharma industry and the ghastly Chinese labour camps “” for their organ harvesting programme.

These books will raise many questions for the reader and prompt further examination into the dark little corners of the world, which one has to presume is one of the books main goals. As Mr. Anderson says at one point, “At the end of day I have always survived no matter what”, and these books are powerful ruminations about a man on a personal, professional and spiritual journey.

To win, simply answer these 3 questions (hint: head to his website with your intelligence gathering hats on)


This competition is now closed.

Incidental Intelligence

nick-anderson-hatA 19-year veteran of the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service (known by its media name, MI6). The Ministry of Defence stipulates that all current and select former British intelligence officers of his security clearance level cannot be seen in public. In the few book-signings and television interviews he has granted he has donned a black balaclava to circumvent this legal restriction. In 2002-2007 he was recalled to active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is now retired and continues to write his fictionalized covert action stories based on true life experiences. To go down the non-fiction route would invite more legal restrictions so it is recommended that readers read between the lines to the best of their ability. To learn more about him please visit:

Read part 1 of our Interview with Former MI6 Officer Nicholas Anderson

Read part 2 of our Interview with Former MI6 Officer Nicholas Anderson





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