Happy New Year from Us!

2015 was a stellar year and you helped us to keep striving forward.

We had the superb continuation novel Trigger Mortis from Anthony Horowitz and the film Spectre, which both provided us with plenty to talk about. It was a golden year for Ian Fleming’s legacy too, with multiple books coming out about his life and work, notably from Fergus Fleming and the late Robert Harling. There was also the return of a one man stage play about Ian Fleming.

We welcomed new guest writers in from the cold and featured the fabulous Bond artwork by Gerald Wadsworth and George Almond. Kingsley Amis’ Colonel Sun had a renaissance, with articles here but a also new re-issue by Vintage and bearing a strong influence on Trigger Mortis and Spectre. Young Bond was back courtesy of Steve Cole and Dynamite released a series of James Bond comics.

We would like to especially thank our exceptionally talented guest writers, who never fail to deliver first class dispatches and have become wonderful friends. We also wish to thank the many publishers and interviewees for their generosity; Ian Fleming Publications for their support and exciting developments and not least you our readers who have helped grow this community each year.

We wish everyone that has enjoyed reading, following and writing for us a very happy new year. Bond will be back in 2016!

One thought on “Happy New Year from Us!

  1. A Happy 2016 to you too, sir. I haven’t visited this blog as often as I would have liked, but I’ve never been disappointed when I have. Keep up the fine work!

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