New Look!

We are thrilled to unveil new branding today with the help from a fellow agent in the field, Mr. Gary Cook from Honeypot Designs. Calling up the spirits of Richard Chopping and Ian Fleming, Gary has conjured up sufficient quantities of ‘beauty and death’.

Don’t forget to check out all his wonderful designs on Facebook, Pinterest and the Honeypot Designs website.

comp Facebook size(1)

4 thoughts on “New Look!

  1. Oh, but he does great work! His Great Pan series was fantastic. I saved some of them to print out as bookmarks. Looks like I’ll have to save a few more. AND he’s a Bowie fan, it seems. Cool!
    Nice new look to your site!

    • Thanks Teeritz – your website and photos have also been an inspiration for me.

      I’m in the Bowie fanclub too. Greatest living English musician.

      • Bravo for the new design.
        But sorry, Bowie will have to defer to Ferry as the greatest living English musician!

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