Michael Chance makes Ian Fleming come alive in one man show

By Jon Pettigrew

This Two Act play neatly book ends the start of the James Bond books and the beginning of the end for Ian Fleming. He dies young, but his alter ego lives forever. He only lives twice, you see.

Michael Chance as Ian FlemingThe settings make one feel that we are there, in the warmth of Jamaica at Goldeneye and we feel for him and his transitions. Most of his enemies and anxieties are laid bare showing how our hero, James Bond, is created and plays a role in his life in Mark Burgess‘s clever dialogue, well its a monologue really, adeptly delivered by Michael Chance of which we never seem to tire.

Louise Jamesons direction helps us to understand his relationship with the two women in his life. Of course there were many more. Speaking of which, Sir Roger Moore makes a surprise final ‘appearance’ in this little London theatre; a little like the other one-man play on the bill.

‘Larry’, also by Mark Burgress, is played as an old man by Keith Drinkel. Laurence Olivier‘s last performance was a recording of the St Crispin’s Day speech from Henry V, outside the site of The Rose Theatre, by the site of the Globe. Olivier helped save the Rose foundations, but most importantly created the National Theatre.

God rest their souls.  It may not be too late to get the final seats including a matinee on Saturday 7th March.

Incidental Intelligence

Interview with Michael Chance, Actor in the Play ‘The Man with the Golden Pen’

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Jon Pettigrew runs Maxus Movie Walks including the Ian Fleming Walk

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