Bond on the Radio

If you like to listen to James Bond’s adventures while working or relaxing, then check out these BBC radio play productions on YouTube, not to mention the priceless Desert Island Discs interview with Ian Fleming. Sadly, not the whole broadcast.

From Russia, With Love:

In writer Archie Scottney’s brilliantly evocative ‘radio screenplay’, we see another side to 007. Unsure of his judgement, can he bring the lovely Tatiana safely to England, along with the precious Spektor? Will the Russians succeed in having Bond killed? If so, who is the would-be murderer?

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 12.16.19 PM

General/Rene……John Sessions
Kronsteen…… Mark Gatiss
James Bond……Toby Stephens
‘M’……John Standing
Moneypenny……Janie Dee
‘Q’……Julian Sands
Kerim……Tim Pigott-Smith
Tatiana……Olga Fedori
Nash/Red Grant……Nathaniel Parker
Ian Fleming……Martin Jarvis

Director…… Martin Jarvis


James Bond is charged by the Bank of England and MI5 to discover what Goldfinger is actually doing with his vast hoards of gold. Is he somehow connected with SMERSH – the feared soviet spy-killing organisation?


Goldfinger …… Ian McKellen
James Bond …..Toby Stephens
‘M’….. John Standing
Pussy Galore ……Rosamund Pike
Tilly Masterton ….. Lisa Dillon
Johnny Solo …..Tim Pigott-Smith
Mr Strap …..Tom Hollander
Hawker ….. Alistair McGowan
Felix Leiter ….. Lloyd Owen
Jill Masterton ….. Anna Louise Plowman
Oddjob ….. Jon David Yu
Fleming …..Martin Jarvis

Director…… Martin Jarvis

Dr. No:

Bond is sent to investigate a strange disappearance on the island of Jamaica, and discovers that the heart of the mystery lies with a sinister recluse known as ‘Dr No’.


‘M’ ….. John Standing
Moneypenny ….. Janie Dee
James Bond ….. Toby Stephens
The Armourer ….. Peter Capaldi
Chief of Staff ….. Nicky Henson
Quarrel ….. Clarke Peters
Pleydell Smith ….. Samuel West
Librarian ….. Lucy Fleming
Honey Rider …… Lisa Dillon
Dr No ….. David Suchet
Voice of Ian Fleming ….. Martin Jarvis

Director: Martin Jarvis

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 7.23.32 PM

James Bond seems more interested in gambling at the Casino Royale than tracking down elusive SPECTRE chief Blofeld. Then he meets Tracy, emotionally disturbed daughter of mafia boss Draco.
Now he has a double motive: seek and destroy Blofeld, and prevent Tracy killing herself.

Impersonating a College of Arms official Bond infiltrates Blofeld’s Swiss mountain-top lair. He learns that Blofeld and aide Irma Bunt are brainwashing young women. Why? Is biological warfare involved? Backed by ‘M’ and Draco, Bond mounts an air assault. But can he pin down monstrous Blofeld? And what will happen to Tracy?

James Bond ….. Toby Stephens
Blofeld ….. Alfred Molina
Irma Bunt ….. Joanna Lumley
Draco ….. Alex Jennings
Tracy ….. Lisa Dillon
‘M’ ….. John Standing
Moneypenny ….. Janie Dee
Franklin ….. Lloyd Owen
‘Q’ ….. Julian Sands
Voice of Ian Fleming ….. Martin Jarvis
Director: Martin Jarvis

Listen to OHMSS on BBC Radio here

Incidental Intelligence

Desert Island Discs- Ian Fleming (1963)

Listen to all the James Bond BBC Radio Plays here

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4 thoughts on “Bond on the Radio

    • It was the Spektor in the novel but since the movie had strayed from the novel and added the villainous organisation Spectre, the name was changed to Lector to avoid confusion. The radio play is just being true to the novel.

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