Field Report: Jeffrey Deaver, Author of ‘Carte Blanche’

Which is your favorite of the Carte Blanche dust jackets?

I do like the Simon & Schuster cover with the large 007 on the front, which is the jacket from the American edition of the book. The UK edition is also great, just a bit more subtle.

Carte Blanche American edition

Carte Blanche American edition

Carte Blanche U.K. edition

Carte Blanche U.K. edition

Which is your favorite Ian Fleming Bond novel?

Love them all, but a big fan of From Russia, With Love.

What is your favorite Chopping cover?

I think his Goldfinger cover was amazing.


What is on your literary 007 wish list?

Well, aside from the cars and women–hmm…that’s a tough question! Let’s just say “cars” and “women!”

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 2.15.35 PM

When did you read your first Bond novel and what was it?

I was about eleven or twelve when I first read From Russia, With Love. My parents were big Ian Fleming fans and I fell in love with the books when they read them.

Incidental Intelligence

DeaverAuthorPhoto200A former journalist, folksinger and attorney, Jeffery Deaver is an international number-one bestselling author. The author of thirty-two novels, two collections of short stories and a nonfiction law book, he’s received or been shortlisted for a number of awards around the world.

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At a launch event planned with the precision of an MI6 operation, the American author received the first copy of the book from a team of Royal Marines who abseiled from the roof of London’s St Pancras station.

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