Field Agents

Any organization needs it’s agents in the field sending back quality intelligence. We are no different.

001: Edward Biddulph

Edward Biddulph is the author of ‘James Bond memes’, a blog which examines Fleming’s writing, the Bond films and the Bond phenomenon. He is also the author of Licence to Cook, a James Bond cookbook, as well as a number of Bond-related articles. Edward is an archaeologist based in Oxford, UK, and has several academic papers and monographs to his name.

Read Edward’s The Top Ten Books of James Bond  and The Top Ten Books of Ian Fleming

002: Benjamin Welton

The product of northern West Virginia’s identity complex, Ben is a freelance writer, critic, author, and poet whose work has appeared in such publications as the Atlantic, Vantage Point, Crime Magazine, and The Airship. He writes for his blog: Literary Trebuchet and is an expert on Sherlock Holmes. His first book – Hands Dabbled in Blood – was published in 2013.

Read Ben’s In Defense of Ian Fleming: Moral Reading and Fictional Characters and Bond’s Men: Ten Great British Spy Novels of the Early 20th Century

003: Revelator

There is no known dossier on our agent in the field – simply known as Revelator – but he has earned his Double-O status multiple times that have included ruminations on Octopussy, Dr. No, JFK, Kingsley Amis, Phillip Larkin and more.

Read Was Ian Fleming’s ‘Octopussy’ Autobiographical? and Ian Fleming and JFK … 50 Years Later

004: Ben Williams

Ben is a freelance journalist, screenwriter, and Bond aficionado, living in London. He has written short films and documentaries for clients such as the United Nations and the Jane Goodall Institute. He is also a regular contributor to MI6 Magazine and his blog is blog: Double Or Nothing

Check out Ben’s article Beauty and Death – The Symbolism and Cultural Significance of Richard Chopping’s James Bond Artwork

005: Jack Lugo

Jack is an aspiring writer and lifelong Bond fan. His specialties include detective fiction and poetry. Visit Jack’s website.

Read Operation Ruthless: Ian Fleming’s Plan to Capture Enigma Codebooks and Thunderball: The Bond Story that Killed Ian Fleming

006: Michael May

Michael May writes the comic Kill All Monsters (drawn by Jason Copland) and other cool adventure stories. He’s also a life-long Bond fan and writes about the spy and other adventure heroes at

Read Unused Literary Bond Scenes That Should Be Filmed: Part 001 & Unused Literary Bond Scenes That Should Be Filmed: Part 002

008: Wesley Britton

Dr. Britton teaches English at Harrisburg Area Community College and many of his spy-oriented articles and reviews are posted at his website, Other items were posted at sites like, Dr. Shatterhand’s Botanical Garden, Cinema Retro,, and Leslie

Read The Re-Boot of PER FINE OUNCE: A Continuation Novel That Isn’t What You Think

0011: Craig Arthur

Craig Arthur’s first Bond experience was seeing “The Spy Who Loved Me” in the theatre in 1977, starting a 37 year obsession with the movies and Ian Fleming novels. He studied English Literature at the University of Otago. He lives in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Read The Devil with Thick Spectacles: Ian Fleming vs. Modernity

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