Thank You & A Happy New Year!

2014 has been a great year for Artistic Licence Renewed and it could not have happened without many helping hands.

This blog is a labor of love and from humble beginnings, has been welcomed into the Bond community by you all and we thank you all. Our agents in the field have contributed fabulous work including Benjamin Welton, Benjamin Williams, Edward Biddulph and Revelator.

We have also been very lucky to so many great interviews with authors and people involved with literary Bond, as well as many fascinating Field Reports that demonstrate the continued appreciation of Richard Chopping‘s artwork for the original Bond novels and more.

We would also like to thank the wonderful team at Ian Fleming Publications for their support and for all their exciting developments this year and the many more to come in 2015.

Expect much, much more in 2015 from us and have a very happy new year!

“Oh, it’s all been such a lark.” Ian Fleming

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