Richard Chopping’s ‘Butterflies in Britain’

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Chopping’s love of nature was evident in Butterflies in Britain (1943) and his Butterflies book was a best seller, in print for many years. Best known for his jackets for Ian Fleming’s James Bond books he also illustrated a number of children’s books for Noel Carrington.

Typically concise was his description of the Painted Lady, which:

“chooses a small patch of ground by the roadside which it patrols regularly like a soldier on guard, returning fearlessly when disturbed… both male and female have on their wings an orange patch like a rough map of the British Isles.” 

squirrel-prints-034 squirrel-prints-033


The book is still available for next to nothing in both paper and board covers, on ebay and in the more eclectic second-hand book shops around the country.

Incidental Intelligence

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