Exclusive Interview with Simon RJ Gardner

1.Can you tell how how John acquired Richard Chopping for ‘License Renewed’ and how closely did John get to work with Richard?


JG did not have anything to do with getting Chopping to do the cover for LR. From what I remember it was (what was then) Glidrose (now IFP) and Jonathan Cape.

The budget for the first one enabled the jacket happening. they wanted to continue with Chopping from what I gathered from JG, but rumour has it that Chopping wanted a huge sum of money for doing another one and despite the success of License Renewed it was far to costly for those involved.

2. What was John’s favorite Bond novel that he wrote and did he have a favorite dust jacket?

Man From Barbarossa would probably nudge just ahead of Icebreaker as JG’s favourite Bond novel Icebreaker (Cape hardback) the favourite jacket.

first 3 gardners

3. Which of John’s novels is your favorite and do you have a favorite dust jacket of his?


See answer to 2 for Bond books. Also I do like what Dan Mogford has done with the UK paperback reprints


4. Who is your favorite Bond continuation novel aside from John?

To be honest I have not read any. Sorry Raymond and all!

5. What can we expect from the John Gardner Estate in the future?

Novels_John_Gardner4Well the Bond ebooks are now all out in the UK. Still more to come in US.

The Gardner back catalogue of non Bond books is pretty extensive and already we have a lot out in the UK and US, the Kruger books, the first 2 Moriartys, earlier works including the Derek Torry novels all in ebook form and some in ‘real’ book form.

We also hope to have some exciting news on some of the early work very soon. So keep an eye on our Facebook page The Complete Works of John Edmund Gardner, and of course the website www.john-gardner.com

I also have to thank Lisa Moylett the guiding light for the JG estate.

Incidental Intelligence

indy2Simon Gardner, son of the late author John Gardner who wrote 14 James Bond novels and 2 movie novelizations.

Connect with him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Simg1957

Visit www.john-gardner.com

2 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Simon RJ Gardner

  1. I am a big fan of JG’s continuation novels and I was browsing eBay last week, looking for a couple of hardcovers for my collection, and I came across a copy of Icebreaker that contains an introduction by Simon. I was immediately intrigued, however, that was the only JG title I could find with an intro by Simon. Are you familiar with this version of the title? JG penned dozens of other novels, he just wasn’t a Bond author, so it’s possible some of his other novels have an introduction by Simon. But do you know of any other Bond books that Simon introduced?

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