Fleming’s Lost ‘State of Excitement’

In 1960 Fleming was commissioned by the Kuwait Oil Company to write a book on the country and its oil industry. The Kuwaiti Government disapproved of the typescript, State of Excitement: Impressions of Kuwait, and it was never published.

According to Fleming:

“The Oil Company expressed approval of the book but felt it their duty to submit the typescript to members of the Kuwait Government for their approval. The Sheikhs concerned found unpalatable certain mild comments and criticisms and particularly the passages referring to the adventurous past of the country which now wishes to be ‘civilised’ in every respect and forget its romantic origins.” (Wikipedia)

It took him 2 weeks to write and he kept a copy for himself, beautifully bound. It remains the one banned book Fleming ever produced.

The frontispiece to Fleming's copy of 'State of Excitement'

The frontispiece to Fleming’s copy of ‘State of Excitement’ (John Pearson’s Biography)

2 thoughts on “Fleming’s Lost ‘State of Excitement’

  1. I would love to know more about this book. Shame it’ll never see the light of day. Has anybody actually read it in the archives? Would love to read the impressions of those who have seen it.

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