Ian Fleming Walking Tours – City of London

Throgmorten Avenue in Bishopsgate

Throgmorten Avenue in Bishopsgate

In the 1930s, Ian Lancaster Fleming worked in the City of London before he became a wartime spy, then worked in Fleet Street until it started to rain money from his fantasy spy James Bond books and movies.

To acknowledge and re-discover the City connections of Ian Fleming, Maxus Walks runs a set of two City Tours, walking past his former office locations and haunts.

Fleming attempted to ‘make a packet’ as a stockbroker in London. He began his first job in October 1933, with the merchant bankers Cull & Company on 11 Throgmorten Avenue in Bishopsgate, London for two years and then Fleming went on to work for Rowe and Pitman until after 6 years leaving to join Naval Intelligence.

The Fleming Walking Tours start from near Bank Tube. Dates for the City of London tours of Ian Fleming’s old haunts, will be posted on the Maxus Walks website.

Some of the locations on the walk include:

  • Mitre Court, Fleming's writing office location

    Mitre Court, Fleming’s writing office location

    Reuters Statue (Ian Fleming worked there 1931)

  • Throgmorton Avenue (Ian Fleming worked for Cull & Co Merchant Bank 1932)
  • Bishopsgate (Ian Fleming worked for Rowe & Pitman stockbrokers 1933 – 1939)
  • Midland Bank site (model for Goldfinger/Fort Knox safe theft)
  • Goldsmiths Hall (where Ian Fleming researched Goldfinger)
  • Printing House Square, Blackfriars (Ian Fleming worked for Sunday Time 1945 – 1957)
  • Serjeants Inn, Mitre Court, Fleet Street (Ian Fleming had his writing office here 1957- 1964)

The tour ends with Martini Cocktails at the Chambers Bar close to Ian Fleming’s final writing office near Fleet Street.

Chin, chin.

Incidental Intelligence

1930s style actor_young Ian Fleming_colourMaxus Walks devises hosted walking tours in London which tell the background to popular feature films for fans. There are over 20 in total and all include scripted performers to help tell the story. The tours are not endorsed by any original right owners.

Book a tour here: www.MaxusWalks.co.uk
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