‘The Hildebrand Rarity’ by Gerald Wadsworth

We are proud to present Gerald Wadsworth‘s latest James Bond inspired work, The Hildebrand Rarity 

…in which Bond helps his friend, Fidele Barbey, pilot a yacht to the Seychelle Islands, for business tycoon Milton Krest. Krest is determined to kill, capture, or buy as many rare species from the Island that he can and sell them to the Smithsonian. Arrogant and abusive to everyone – especially his wife whom he whips with a stringray tail he calls ‘The Corrector’ – Krest is murdered at night by an unknown assailant. Bond cleans up the crime scene, throws Krest overboard to the sharks, and reflects upon the morality of killing – feeling justified that Milton Krest got exactly what he deserved.

The Painting: “A Cabinet of Curiosities”

Abusive: Krest whips his wife at the slightest provocation with a stingray tail he calls the Corrector.”

Arrogant: a Prussian with pro-Nazi sympathies, Krest beckons his crew of German thugs – like dogs – with a silver whistle, and threatens to have Bond thrown overboard for lack of servility.

Alcoholic: when sober, intolerable – when drunk, violent – Krest takes out his aggression on those around him.

Filthy Rich: he earned his wealth – clawed his way to the top – so he deserves nothing but the very best.

Collector: money buys everything, and everyone has a price – including his five wives. Krest buys, captures, or poisons rare species, and sells them for a tax write-off to the Smithsonian.

But Death waits patiently for Krest on board his yacht…

Hildebrand Rarity

‘The Corrector & The Collector – A Cabinet of Curiosities.’ © 2015 Gerald Wadsworth … in which we find the property of Hotel Magnate and Millionaire, Milton Krest.

Featured in the Hildebrand Rarity painting, from top left to right:

1. Mullein – a plant from which Rotetone poison is derived
2. Rare “Cypraea Mappa” – Mappa Cowrie shell
3. Golden Octopus ring worn by members of SPECTRE
4. Seychelles’ Bulbul – a noisy and aggressive bird
5. “Scaphelia Junonia” Cowrie shell
6. Rediscovered Seychelles’ Lizard & Skull
7. Krest’s father’s Prussian Helmet – the Picklehaube, with letter from the Smithsonian
8. Elizabeth Krest – the 5th and last wife of Milton Krest, with “Achatina Achatina” Fairyland Snail seashell
9. Gold Dunhill Cigar & Pipe Lighter
10. Sterling Dog-head whistle used by Krest to summond his crew
11. Cassandra, the 4th Mrs. Krest
12. The Hildebrand Rarity – rare member of the Squirrel-fish family
13. Krest’s Germanic (possible Nazi-sympathizer) photo and father’s medal*
14. Large “Terebra Maculata” – Marlinspike Auger seashell
15. Cuban Montecristo cigar
16. Alexandra, the 3rd Mrs. Krest – and her “Cypraea mappa” Mappa Cowrie shell
17. Skull bottle – filled with the poison Rotetone
18. Poisonous Ocellate Octopus
19. Knife used by Bond to stage Krest’s death and cut the rope to his hammock
20. Edelweiß – favorite flower and symbol of the Nazi’s
21. The Corrector – the stingray tail whip used by Krest to beat his wives

*The medal that appears is the NSDAP “Blood Order” for November 9, 1923; a commemoration to the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich. During March of 1934, Hitler authorized the “Honor Medal of November 9, 1923” also known as the Blood Order Medal (Der Blutorden) to commemorate the November 9, 1923 uprising of the National Socialist movement.

Incidental Intelligence

Interview with Gerald Wadsworth, James Bond Artist

Visit Gerald Wadsworth website

8 thoughts on “‘The Hildebrand Rarity’ by Gerald Wadsworth

  1. What a fabulous piece of art this is!
    I’ve liked most of Wadsworth’s Bond work but with this one he’s really created something very beautiful.
    I love it and I want it!

    • Thanks, David! It’s a Cabinet of Curiosities…property of Milton Krest…the bugger! I’ll be having prints made of it in the next week or so – I need to get a higher resolution scan made – and I’ll post availability and cost on my (kindly linked by Tom) website. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out and your comment is most appreciated. It was a real trial to figure out the imagery and make it all come together.
      Thanks for your support in the Bond Homage endeavour.

  2. Fantastic imagery! I love how you pull key elements from the Bond novels and turn them into impressive works of art. I’m a huge fan.

  3. Gerry, this is not only an evocative image, it has led me to a new story. Your deep knowledge of the character shows in all your Bond paintings.

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