Bond Networks: Connecting Fleming, 007 & The Spy World

This year’s SAMLA 2021 conference is the theme of “Social Networks/Social Distances,” and they are inviting paper proposals on any aspects of Bond, Fleming, and Networks.

This could include the way James Bond interacts with and/or distances from various spy networks, such as the Soviet noir SMERSH, the international terror organization SPECTRE, and the Cambridge Spy ring (relevant to some Fleming novels).

It could also address the way Bond forges “networks” with allied spy organizations like the Deuxième Bureau (René Mathis) the Japanese secret service (Tiger Tanaka) and of course the CIA (Felix Leiter).

Papers could also explore the various “networks” of spy fiction and film that provide contexts for discussing Fleming’s novels and the Bond films, or the networks of the Bond films as they evolve and expand over time.

They are open to proposals on Bond and Fleming that address this broad theme in a variety of specific ways. Please send 250-word paper proposals, brief bios, and A/V requirements to Oliver Buckton at Florida Atlantic University ( and Matthew B. Sherman (  by June 1, 2021.

One thought on “Bond Networks: Connecting Fleming, 007 & The Spy World

  1. There is flexibility also, and while many will present papers with citations (as well as talk shop over martinis for hours after), some will share verbal commentary and a PowerPoint or video). Enthusiasts and fans welcome!

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