For Your Eyes Only Dust Jacket

Artist Richard Chopping once again provided the cover art for the book. On 18 March 1959 Fleming had written to Chopping about the cover he had undertaken for Goldfinger, saying that:

“The new jacket is quite as big a success as the first one and I do think [Jonathan] Cape have made a splendid job of it”. 

Moving on to For Your Eyes Only, Ian Fleming said:

“First of all a thousand congratulations on the new jacket. It is quite in your topmost class and Annie loves it also. You and I are really a wonderful team. I am busily scratching my head trying to think of a subject for you again. No one in the history of thrillers has had such a totally brilliant artistic collaborator!”


Neither Fleming nor Chopping could come up with a suitable idea. Chopping’s partner Denis Wirth-Miller suggested a hole in a piece of wood with a card underneath reminiscent of a private club. It has been rumored that the eye peering through the hole is Bond’s, but neither the artist nor the author explicitly stated that fact.


Lee Biondi and James M. Pickard wrote,

“Fleming made Chopping paint it many times, until he was satisfied with the shape [of the eye] and the color.”


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